Saturday, July 24, 2010

Proper way to make money: to be a know how to "lose money," the dealer

Chu Lu'an City of Anhui Province, is a dealer engaged in food operations, introduced by someone else, he knew the food company A company's chairman Yang. A company is an enterprise instant noodles just start soon. After the exchange, Mr Chu is determined to make A's distributor.

Soon, as a quality accident, A company dealing in the market for the products in question, all of a sudden huge loss occurs. For a fresh start for a company not long, the loss of almost fatal: many dealers saw something bad, have chosen to give up, A company once almost lost all the dealers.

At this critical moment the most difficult, Mr Chu has chosen to stand together and A company, not only did not give up the right to operate the company's products, but their money to deal with market problems, the company has not made any demands.

Zhu This mainly for two reasons: first, through the distribution period of time, he found A company's products have a broad market. Business enterprises with competitive products when compared to clear differentiation and competitive, and business-to-market product development concept to grasp, and can do a good grasp.

Second, A's market is mainly in Henan, Anhui, products after a problem, put a lot of money and manpower to solve the problem. The problem occurred two months, Mr. Zhu A company estimates at least 500 million yuan investment funds dealing with the aftermath. 5 million yuan, not only shows a certain strength of the company A, but shows good market A company is sincere.

Zhu won the support of A's trust in the delivery, he has been even greater concessions from the A's. Over the past six months after the storm died down, A company's rapid sales growth, has now reached more than 3,000 yuan a month in sales. Chu Although only a small distributor, sales of 4 500 thousand yuan per month, but in the preferential policies, the profits can still be considerable.

Since then, Mr. Zhu has repeatedly put forward reasonable suggestions to help A Company management, to improve it. In order to continue to make A's management close to the market, Mr. Zhu proposed to set up distributors in politics committee, was quickly adopted by the company A, he also became the Chairman of the Committee not take a salary.


Although start looking at some "stupid", but the reality proved that Zhu's choice is correct. A continued increase in post-market investment, maximize the benefits of him in the company's products in short supply, Mr. Zhu has also been a variety of benefits A company.

Dealers in the choice of objects, both on the market in which to make judgments, but also the strength of enterprises, strategic planning to make judgments, so that can help you see the face of difficulties, or difficulties in respect of the termination of a business co-operation , then the business after the recovery and growth will not be thinking of you.

In addition, make reasonable suggestions to the company, not only can help the enterprise, more importantly, can help to their own.

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